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Wir sind ein sehr kreatives Team, wir lieben unsere Kunst und wir streben nach Perfektion für unsere


Wir sprechen Englisch als Hauptsprache und dank der Vielfalt in unserem Team können wir unsere Gäste begrüßen, die Schweizerdeutsch, Deutsch, Ungarisch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Albanisch und Griechisch sprechen.


Wir trainieren ständig die neuesten Techniken und Trends, um unseren Gästen das Beste zu bieten.


Die verwendeten Produkte sind LUXIO von Akzentz, Pro Nails, Gelcolor von OPI, Shellac von CND.

Meet The Team


Meet Kali

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  • Instagram

Owner and Founder

- Master Nail Artist -

- International Educator -

Speaks: ES - EN - DE

Her career began +20 years ago in Mexico, since then she has been constantly training in different countries bringing the latest trends and making sure the best brands are available at the salon.
Her service and attention to detail has led her to work for Royalty, Celebrities and High Class customers from all over the world.
Specializes on natural Nails, for nail biters, bristle nails etc. Kali gives their nails that back-to-health look immediately.
Her passion is Nail design and has an incredible color and nail art collection.

Kali offers Mobile Beauty services, you can book her for salon or house calls. 

Meet The Team at Central



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- Nails - Social Media -

-Lash lifting- Brows -

-Make up -

Speaks: EL - EN - SQ


Jacky  has a  fun and very creative personality, she studied Interior design and has a background in Graphic Design and Digital Media.
She started doing nails as a hobby in 2015. In 2019 started an
 internship at Get Nailed! to sharpen her skills and has since then become part of the Central Team, additionally she takes care of our social media platforms. 

Jackie successfully concluded her training in Eyebrows and Make-up and now continues learning with Kali and team.



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- Nails - Lash lift -

- Pedicure - Skin Care -

-Make up- Lash Extensions-

Speaks: RO - EN


Madalina started as an Intern at Get Nailed in 2020.

After learning the Salon techniques and practicing a lot, she is now a great Nail Stylist. 


Madalina is careful and meticulous, she loves to pamper her guests.

She has completed training in Gel Nails, Shellac, Pedicure, Lash Lifting and light Skin care.

Her personality is shy and emphatic, if this is your first time at a salon or need someone really soft on your hands and feet, she's your Gal!



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- Nails - Lash Extensions -

- Brows - Pedicure -


Speaks: EN - ES 

Carla is a professional Lash Extension and Nail artist from Spain. She speaks fluent English.

Joined our team on Feb 2023 and immediately fit right in, her sweet and kind personality makes it great to have a quiet and relaxed experience when you visit us.

Carla loves nail art and has a brilliant creative mind.

Send her your inso per DM and let her mind go wild to deliver stunning Nails & Lashes!

Meet The Team at Opern Haus



  • check out her designs


- Nails - Pedicure-

- Manicure -

Speaks: EN - EL - SQ 

Elsa is a Nail artist from Greece, she recently moved to Switzerland and integrated rapidly with our team on Dec 2022. She is precise, patient and kind. She loves to listen and pay attention to her client dream nails and makes it come true!!

Elsa is a talented Gel Nails artist, her creations are long lasting and perfect. Every detail is important for her. 




  • check out her designs


- Nails - Manicure - Lash lift -

- Pedicure - Skin Care -

Speaks: ES - DE 

Sara started as a student of Get Nailed Academy in 2021.

After learning the all services offered at the Salon &  our techniques she started her Internship in Sep 2022, she is very much loved by our guests because of her patience, wit and great talent. Sara has become in short time a great Nail Stylist. 


Sara is careful and meticulous, she loves to practice her German skills or is happy to speak in her mother tongue (Spanish) if you prefer.

The most beloved service by her guests is Lash lifting and her Pedicures. 



  • check out her designs


- Nails - Pedicure-

- Manicure - Lash Lifting

Speaks: EN - DE - MK - ES - SR - SQ 

Ana is our new nail artist at Seefeld!

Specialising in long nail extensions, she's a creative genius. Her Nail designs and pampering services like pedicures, manicures, and lash lifting are flawless. 


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