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Safety Measures COVID-19

In our commitment to protect you and our safety, we kindly ask your cooperation to follow the following rules during this time.


  • Max. 5 clients are allowed in the salon

  • Book your appointment online or calling 043 511 80 08. Text or DM bookings are NOT available.

  • No kids or additional companion during your appointment.

  • No personal items on the table such as phone, keys, rings, etc.


  • Please be punctual, don't be late nor earlier than 5 min.

  • Waiting area is removed to avoid crowds.

  • Please wait for us to open the door for you.

  • Hand sterilisation mandatory

  • Proper use of mask is mandatory for all.

  • At the entrance you will find the coats rack, please leave your coat there. 

  • Please go straight to the lavatories to wash your hands, we will have antibacterial soap available for you. 

   Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • 1.5 m. distance between clients

  • Plexiglas protection between client and nail designer

  • Sterilisation area at the door.

  • Surface disinfection after every client

  • Change or disinfection of tools after every client

  • Regular disinfection of the Nail Salon.

  • Airing the Salon every 2 hours or Leaving the door open depending on weather

  Cancellation Policy

  • Call to reschedule if you feel flue symptoms and your appointment is due in the next 3 days. 

If you want to reserve a specific appointment/person in advance, please book and prepay online.

We are planning our Teams calendars according to prebooked appointments which means we have to keep a strict cancelation policy.

Appointments cancelled without 48hrs notice will be charged. No exceptions.
If you aren't sure if your schedule will change, you can always call last minute and check out what options we have available for you.


  • We accept all kinds of payment, however we advise you to use contactless or online payment. 

  • We throughly disinfect all cash notes and coins.

Thank you again for your understanding, patience and specially your loyalty,  this measures are necessary and temporary.
We are positive that soon we can go back to the high standards of comfort we love to provide you with. 
Seeing you again is something we always look forward to.

                                                                                                                                    Kali & Get Nailed! Team

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